Covid-19 Plan


1)  We have tried to do our best.  We went completely online and then we moved outside. Our members have been so patient + understanding.

2)  We have tried our best with masks and will continue to be a church that offers and respects the use of masks.  

3)  We have ministered to thousands the best we could,  with regulations and restrictions… sometimes changing on a daily basis - and coming from federal, state and local leaders.  We have worked as close as possible with our city officials.


1)  We have purchased over $100,000 in equipment to take our live stream to another level of connectivity. We are doing this so that our most vulnerable members can enjoy a great worship experience from the safety of their homes.

2) We will do our best to maintain a clean environment.  We have partnered with a professional cleaning company to provide those services on a weekly basis.  They do two deep cleans each week and are on site during services to wipe down and clean surfaces.
In addition, our building has been treated with Science-Proven Microbial Control®, which provides microbial protection continuously and persistently. This video will give you an explanation on how the SPMC solution works.

3)  Regarding masks… We will continue to provide them, and we will continue to encourage folks to wear them.  However, we will not be policing folks.  If you choose to wear them, we will respect you.  If you choose not to wear them, we will respect you.  We have a culture of honor at The Hills, and we WILL respect each other.  If a person is not comfortable being close to you without a mask, then you should respect their wishes.

4)  We have tried to keep you as safe as possible, but honestly, there is no way we can keep you completely safe from this virus.  If you are elderly or have pre-existing conditions, you need to make decisions based on what is best for you. We want you here, but we have purchased the necessary equipment for you to worship with us online.

Here is what our Overseers + Pastors feel…The Lord has given us this building, and we are supposed to use it!

We love and care for each of you dearly.

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