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A few months ago, Pastor John shared that as a church, we value life from the womb to the tomb & we have an opportunity to put our faith into action.

When children are removed from biological families due to circumstances that are not safe, they are placed into either foster or kinship families. Many of us are familiar with foster care - but kinship care places children with caretakers who are part of their biological family or who are close family friends.

September is Kinship Awareness Month & we have partnered with churches across the city + with Tennessee Kids Belong to support these families. We will supply boxes of needed items for their homes to be approved - things like fire extinguishers, baby gates, medication lock boxes,... and gift these to kinship families who are taking in children with no notice.

The best way for you to be part of this is to purchase items off of the wishlist or to give financially + designate it as outreach.

Our church's participation in this allows children to stay with family members but also allows us to put our faith into action. James says faith without works is dead - so let's not only say we value life from the womb to the tomb - let's show it with our action!

Kinship Wishlist