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Hills Groups have one simple purpose: to bring people together. We believe God created us to live in relationship with others & only then will we be able to fully live the abundant life Christ promised. Sharing life through community is part of our design, but meaningful relationships aren’t always easy to find. That’s why Hills Groups exist – to make life-changing relationships relevant and accessible to you!

The Fall 2020 Hills Groups Session has come to a close, but a fresh batch of Hills Groups will be available in the Spring of 2021! Stay tuned!

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Becoming a King
Becoming a King is a men's group that will be studying "Becoming a King" by Morgan Snyder. We will transform our hidden struggles to our deepest strengths in order to live in true courage while becoming the king God created us to be. Led by Jason West + Ron Smith.
[Thursdays 6:30AM - Percy Warner Park]
Currently Closed

Boys & Girls Club
Boys & Girls Club is a co-ed group for adults ages 23-36. The focus of this group is fostering community, growing spiritually, and doing life together. Led by the Buchanons + Mobleys.
[Wednesdays 6:30PM - Location Varies - Childcare Provided]
Currently Closed

For Leaders Only
For Leaders Only is a co-ed group for leaders and aspiring leaders of The Hills.  This group will cover leadership development curriculum.  Led by Pastor John Ragsdale + Ron Smith.
[Wednesdays 6:00PM -The Hills Office]
Currently Closed

Forever His Followers
Forever His Followers is a co-ed group for believers to unite together, acknowledge God's presence in our lives, and overcome the obstacles of life. Led by Derrick + Kesha Davis.
[Fridays 6:00PM - South Franklin]
Currently Closed

Fridays with Kristin
Fridays with Kristin is a devotional group for ladies of The Hills led by Pastor Kristin Ragsdale on the book of James. There are two meeting offerings to better facilitate the ladies of The Hills: Same Study + Two Possible Times.
[Thursdays 7:00PM + Fridays 10:00AM - Bellevue/Franklin]
Currently Closed

Game Night at the Gulls
Game Night at the Gulls is a co-ed group where we get together for snacks, games, prayer, and fellowship. Led by Josh + Erin Gull.
[Saturdays 5:00PM - Crieve Hall]
Currently Closed

Godly Positioning System
GPS is a multi-cultural group for adults of all ages and backgrounds.  We meet to enjoy good food, connect, and experience loving, supportive fellowship with facilitated discussion that emphasizes life application of Bible-based devotions. Led by Steve + Mary Busby.
[Wednesdays 6:30PM - Midtown]
Currently Closed

God First
God First is a group for young married couples of The Hills where you grow together and learn the importance of keeping God First in your marriage. Led by Geoff + Charli Blanton.
[Thursdays 6:00PM - Donelson]
Currently Closed

Gospels + Golf
Gospels + Golf is a co-ed group where we gather together for scripture study and prayer before enjoying a round of golf together. We're praying God keeps our scores low and patience level high as we hit the links! Led by Jordan Hicks.
[Saturdays 9:00AM - Nashville Area]
Currently Closed

Hills High School All-Stars
A group of students working together to learn to love God and each other better at school, at home, and in the community. Led by Steve + Courtney Slovenski.
[Wednesdays 6:30PM - Nashville]
Currently Closed

Hills Middle School Youth
Middle School Youth is a group for all Middle School aged students of The Hills. Led by Beth + Shawn Smith during the Drive-Up Gatherings on Sundays at The Hills’ new venue!
[Sundays 11:15AM - Bellevue]
Currently Closed

Men's Bible Study
Men's Bible Study is a small group for men of any age to gather together, seek God's Word, and discover the impact that the Bible can have on our lives. Led by Joshua Grady.
[Saturdays 9:00AM - Location Varies]
Currently Closed

Sacred Marriage
Marriage group for all ages and stages led by Houston + Jenny Steelman. We will focus our study on Gary Thomas’ book “ Sacred Marriage.” Join us as we explore the wisdom of the question : “What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?”
[Tuesdays 7:00PM - Downtown Nashville]
Currently Closed

Sisterhood is a group for women to come together, support one another, and show the love of Jesus. Led by Ashley Potts + Kelly Magnino.
[Thursdays 7:00PM - Franklin]
Currently Closed

The Five Love Languages
The Five Love Languages is a group for couples focusing on "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. Led by Ron + Michelle Smith.
[Sundays 6:30PM - Brentwood]
Currently Closed

The Young & The Restless
A group for married couples looking to grow in faith and establish meaningful community. The group will be studying "Ephesians: The Inheritance We Have in Christ" by Dr. David Jeremiah. Led by Tom and Linda Spalding. [Sundays 6:00PM - Bellevue/Franklin]
Currently Closed

Thursdays with Kristin
Thursdays with Kristin is a devotional group for ladies of The Hills led by Pastor Kristin Ragsdale on the book of James. There are two meeting offerings to better facilitate the ladies of The Hills: Same Study + Two Possible Times.
[Thursdays 7:00PM + Fridays 10:00AM - Bellevue/Franklin]
Currently Closed

Young Adults
Young Adults is a group for college students and young adults up to age 25 to establish community + grow spiritually each week. Led by Jared + Madison Johnson.
[Mondays 7:00PM - West Nashville]
Currently Closed

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